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Grave Digger – demolishing a RV

Monster Jam was a huge hit!  Charles and I were both shocked by just how interested we became in the jumps and destruction these huge vehicles & their drivers could accomplish.  While I don’t think we would ever purchase our own tickets, I am positive we would go back if we were ever invited again!

Perhaps one of the most exciting developments from our Monster Jam outing was Charles invitation from our mutual Friend, Jonathan, to be a assistant coach for baseball this Spring!  Charles has discussed wanting to be a coach for several years with me, but has never taken that final step towards signing up for the task.  Jonathan offered up the perfect job on a platter – 13-14 year olds who will play at the park Charles and I frequent daily for bootcamp and dog walks.  Try-outs will be held next weekend, and we both have our fingers crossed for some warm weather and some wonderful young men for Jonathan and Charles to share their passion for baseball as well as their outstanding character! God bless networking and the opportunities a good friendship can bring your way!

This week we went back to boot camp and had a blast as soon as the early hours and sore muscles worked their way back into our routine.  The Fitbit I got for Christmas has provided some interesting statistics about our daily workouts and both Charles and I are like kids on Christmas morning after a workout: extremely anxious to see what Mr. Fit Bit has to tell us about our accomplishments.  For instance, on Wednesday we learned that we climbed 44 flights of stairs, ran a mile and a half, and went 4500 steps in the 45 minute session.  For whatever reason, having numbers and statistics about a work out, serves as a reward to most, and Charles and I are no exception.  The Fitbit does have a social media application, so if anyone has one, let me know and I will send you a friend request!

This weekend Charles will be going to his second GT basketball game of the year, and I will be attempting to tile the bath-tub.  I have been so nervous about this challenge, I have been putting it off for some time.  Hopefully the nerves are pointless, and all of our carful planning will pay off with a beautiful subway tile shower surround.  I will have some exciting results to share with you all next weekend: weather it’s “I did it myself” or “I had to call in some help” remains to be seen for the time being.  Either way, I will be rewarded for the effort with a trip to Lawerenceville this evening for a double date with the folks.  Time to grab a trowel and some adhesive and get to work… wish me luck!

… A fun tid-bit – a large number of our blog post titles are a song lyric that reminds me of the week:  todays is an oldie that I only know from the “Sleepless in Seattle” movie sound-track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZqRL7nJB48

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