John Marshall: Sharing the news and breaking it down for the 1,400 AirWatch employees around the globe

Just when Charles and I got back into the swing of things, everything changes.  I walked into the office on Wednesday morning and was welcomed with balloons everywhere, 50 cases of Champaign circulating the floor, music pumping through 25 foot speakers stacked on either side of a stage that was not there the evening before when I left.  All of this to celebrate headline news: AirWatch was purchased by VMware for 1.54 billion dollars!  As an employee in the mobile arena, I could not be more excited to have been purchased by a company that leads virtualization space.  As a stock holder, I am equally ecstatic and curious.  But as an original employee, that put everything in the AirWatch basket when no one else knew who they were, I could not be more proud. This is what we worked so hard for, and it has been an amazing combination of joy and melancholy.  Knowing that we did it, and this is the end of that chapter and the start of another for the company I put so much into, is professionally bittersweet and personally amazing.  At the end of the day: I realize there are no words to properly describe it, so I will stop trying.

This weekend Charles will be attending try-outs for NYO baseball this spring.  I cant say that I envy him: the high today is 46 and he will be outside for 7 hours!  He assures me that it wont be that bad, and that is how I know that he is really excited about seeing the talent and selecting his team.  In his absence, will head up to Lawrenceville and hang out with my mom for the day.  During tomorrows try-outs I will attack the remaining tiling for the bathroom…. I am SO over that bathroom.


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