2The AirWatch merger with VMware was officially closed this Monday.  As of right now, we are retaining the AirWatch name and brand and have just tacked on “by VMware” to the end of all of our materials.  The company announced the closing of the acquisition during the Mobile Wold Congress kick off in Barcelona Spain.  A few of my work colleagues were at the event and sent me the following picture of our previous COO, new Chairman of the Board, adding the VMware logo to our booth.  I am interested to see how things change in the upcoming months.  But I get the feeling that the small company feel that I fell in love with, has been forever laid to rest by the 1.54 billion dollar price tag.

Charles had his first official game this weekend against the Dodgers.  This game did not have the desired outcome as our Brewers were defeated 11-5.  However the Coaches learned a lot about the kids during the game and were officially introduced to the effects of game day jitters.  They have thought of some clever tactics to keep the kids having fun in the field, and are gearing up for a different outcome for this Wednesdays game against the Phillies.

Marble has always been a challenge on a leash due to her unstoppable energy combined with her herding instincts.  She often pulls the leash taunt while darting at anything that moves in every direction (people, cars, squirrels, you get the idea).  However, we invested in a prong collar this week, and she got the point after a few jerks of the leash.  This allowed us to take her with us during this morning’s run.  We set a 9min/mile pace and she ran next to my side the whole time.  It was a shocking transformation, and I am ashamed that we didn’t think to do this earlier.  I am so excited to have a dog that I can take with me on our running adventures.  Who knows, maybe one day I will be able to run far enough to tire her for at least 10 min?!

I know that you all are holding your breath with concern for Radar… I mean, its obvious he didn’t come on this morning’s run. How could we leave the little tike behind like that?!  Well put your fears to rest, we are currently making up for it.  I am typing today’s post from a blanket situated just off of Chastain Park’s 7th tee and Radar is tethered to our picnic basket. He is basking in the 70 degree sunshine and could not be happier.  It might have to be a new blog spot as I am immensely enjoying the park’s atmosphere, and Charles is snapping photo’s at everything his eye finds interesting.

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