Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 9.09.46 AMCharles and I have met with the architect and builder a few times in the last two weeks in an attempt to get the floor plan for the new house right.  We are so close with one outstanding issue on the main floor: the mud room opens up into the dining room – YUCK.  We are going to propose that they move some things around to have it open into the kitchen (as all mud rooms should).  We have yet to see an elevation from the builders, because they need to nail down the interior concept before they can begin to plan for the exterior.  I personally wonder how he plans to put a window in front of those stairs on the main level – should be interesting to see how the plans change and if they have “sold” Charles and I on this house.

As you can see we had to move the master bedroom from the main floor, in order to get an expanded front porch and garage in a reasonable spot while remming inside the build lines.  After 6 weeks of back and forth on floor plans, neither of us are 100% positive that we will move forward with building.  Of course that means that we will have some decisions to make about where we will live, but I am sure we will figure that out 🙂

Brain is overloaded with decision making – going to spend some time this weekend NOT thinking about houses and enjoying Charles and the fur-children!


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