UntitledWhile we have complete confidence in the new builders, we are running out of time if we want to be in the new house by the end of the year.  So Charles and I decided that we were going to say good bye to the sins of the past.  We created a list of what wasn’t working with the old builders, and did what we could to fix that

  • Design was too big
  • Couldn’t agree on a garage plan
  • Floor plan did not meet wish list
  • Elevation was non-existent

In order to rectify the above, we decided to come up with our own floor plan and elevation.  No use in waiting on someone else to create it for you, if you already know what you want them to make!  After hours of talking over what we wanted and several iterations on notebook paper; our truly custom floor plan was designed to fit in an elevation that both Charles and I would love to call home.

The classic Farm-House elevation is unique to the Brookhaven neighborhood, but won’t look out of place with all of the other farmhouse styles sprinkled in through the streets of Ashford Park.    And the floor plan incorporates the family must-have’s.

We brought our design and elevation images along to our 5/21 meeting with Haven, and were delighted when they said that our plans were remarkably well designed and that they would be happy to build our dream house for under our budget!  Now, knowing us the budget will change, but at least we are not starting 70k above the max 🙂  We both finally feel like we are moving in the right direction, and are so excited for the Draftsman’s plans to be delivered on 6/6!

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