Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 8.36.52 AMOh man, I am so excited for this weekend…. and there is not one plan on the horizon.  Actually there was the plan to go run this morning, but I have already blown that off and decided that the road will come calling at some point, and I will oblige.  But for now: Coffee, SunRoom, Dogs, and most importantly Husband.

Recent Posts have been lacking due to issues with the builders and house choices have sucked the creative writing out of me for the last few months.  But hopefully the new builders will decrease that stress to a manageable level.  So far they have been responsive, honest, and most importantly are doing their best to keep up with our aggressive timeline to move in by the end of the year.  Most of me knows that is just a dream at this point, but I am holding onto hope 🙂

As previously mentioned, Charles and I were not expecting floor plans back until 6/6, but we got a surprise on Thursday when they sent over the first level floor plan one week after our initial meeting.  Not only were the plans delivered ahead of time…. they were 95% accurate!  They took they design I gave them and improved upon it in several ways, while sticking to the important parts.  This is so much better than waiting 4 weeks for plans and having them be mostly incorrect!  YAY for new beginnings!

The builder requested we redline the plans and return them, so we deliberated over any changes we wanted and supplied back to the builder.  You can see a the redlines in the image below, and a description of each is included below.

  1. Expand the porch/screened porch out another 2 feet for a 10′ screened porch
  2. Add stairs and an exit door from the screened porch
  3. Remove the linen closet in bathroom and move bathroom wall down accordingly
  4. The changes from item 3 should yield 2 extra feet of space for the bathroom for a 10′ x 12′ square
  5. Rearrange the master bath with this new space to include a tub
  6. Remove trey ceiling in the master and change it to beams
  7. Flip the cooktop and kitchen sink/Dishwasher locations. Use a downdraft on the island cooktop. Ideally we’d like to see an odd number of windows in succession, spanning 9′, centered on the kitchen sink and back wall. Add a prep/bar sink in front of the window next to the double ovens. Add a wine fringe on the island.
  8. Add stairs onto the covered porch in front of the kitchen
  9. Flip the entire plan Horizontally
  10. Cased Opening between family room/dining room







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