Charles and I are so excited to welcome two extraordinary little ones to the world!  William and Oliver were born 4 days apart and belong to 4 of our favorite people in the world.  Lets go in Alphabetical and Birthday order for more details!

Oliver Coleman was born on 5/26 to proud parents: Ron and Kate.  Ron and Charles met in college, and he stood next to Charles on his wedding day.  We have been expecting this little bundle of joy since Ron announced his arrival to Charles and I at a GA Tech tail gate last fall.  Kate has become a cherished family friend and we could not be happier for the the whole family.  On a fun and exciting note, the house we are building is a stones through from this family home, so we are very anxious to move in and see the three of them as often as they will let us!

DSC_0424 copy

William Lyle was born on 5/30 to proud parents: Alison and Paul.  Alison and I also met in college and have been inseparable ever since: from living together and working together we have remained a constant part of each others lives including her preceding me down the isle on 3.24.12.  Paul was instantly welcome into our quirky relationship, and I was glad to welcome into the fold.  William is the snuggleiest little boy and we have been blessed with several opportunities to get some fun pictures of the little charmer.

DSC_0615bw copy

Charles and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends in our lives and that they have all embarked on raising fine young men.  We of course plan on being the aunt and uncle that spoil them rotten!  Not to mention developing photograph skills by documenting their entire lives as long as their parents are willing.

Welcome to the world Oliver and William – you are going to love it!!!


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