Whew. Four months in the making and we are finally here. We have a front elevation for our new house!! Well, that’s not entirely true. We have 2 possible options that we haven’t officially made up our minds on. So we are opening up the floor to everyone’s vote, and we will make a final decision by the end of the weekend. Here are the two options:

Elevation A

Elevation B

As you can see – the difference is pretty subtle. On elevation “A”  there is a window in the middle upstairs bedroom that faces the front of the house. And on elevation “B” we have removed that window. In order to remove that window we lowered the roof line of the side gables down. So that’s it. That’s what we can’t decide on.

On the one hand, we love windows and want them wherever we can. But keeping that window makes it a little bit harder to decorate in that middle bedroom, which we are planning on using as our office. On the other hand, if we get rid of that window, that wall is still pretty big to not have a window on it. But lowering the roof line helps make the front gable stand out as the focal point of the house. We would also be forced to vault the ceiling in the guest bathroom and middle bedroom, which could be really interesting, but not having a choice is a bit nerve racking.

This is the first time we’ve not had a strong opinion either way on any decision, so it’s killing us that we are struggling with this final decision. Once it is made the draftsman will put together the full construction drawings, the builder will put the bids out, and we can get the loan process started. We are a bit behind schedule on where we wanted to be, but it would be amazing to get through this last “concept” decision and move into the nuts and bolts phases. So friends and family – what do you think? Window or no window?

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  1. The elevation is lovely!!!! How lucky are you to only have this one decision left. I am with you, the more windows the better and if your concern is maintaining focus on the front dormer; why not add an eyebrow window or something above the double window ? Then no one will even notice whether there is a window to the side. There, I have added additional expense to the mix. Aren’t you happy you asked?

    1. We are super excited – and trust me – there are plenty of decisions that could add additional expense remaining…. Thanks for the vote!

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