Postponed is the word of the Week

Writing on Saturday as we decided to sleep in and save long run day until tomorrow.  I would like to tell you that this was a well thought out plan… but really it was made when the alarm went off at 6:00, and I had little to no motivation to get out of bed.  Not like me, as I am normally excited for long run.  Especially because the weather was 10 degrees lower than normal, so I had no excuse.  Perhaps it had something to do with the phenomenal fall I had on Thursday?  Tripped over a rock and went sliding across a few feet of the gravel path at full speed.  The right side of my body looks and feels pretty rough. Anyway – run postponed until Sunday morning.

I got put on a new assignment at work this week, and I have been loving it.  Managing business operations for our high profile clients: how to best manage their accounts, what resources are needed, and developing long term business decisions.  Might sound horrible to some, but for an ultra-planner like myself, its paradise.

On to the house.  I am already frustrated with the lack of progress…. indicating this is going to be a very long 6-7 months.  The builder was going to file for permits 2 weeks ago, but as of today they are still not filed.  There was a new ordnance passed in Brookhaven regarding cutting down trees.  This was passed sometime after we signed our contract and before we went to file for permits.  The additional requirement is that we have to have a certified landscape architect come and evaluate the trees that are to be taken down and verify that we will not be upsetting the “natural balance of life”.  Okay maybe not the natural balance of life –  but I am bitter and perhaps over exaggerating.  No word on what the additional cost as of yet, but the architect is going onsite on Monday and the builder says they will file for permits by the end of the week…. I have heard that before, something like two weeks ago…

Frustration aside, I am in favor of the new ordnance.  I actually cant believe they didn’t have something like this in place before, and think it makes total since.  Just holding my breath because I thought we were in the clear, and now we have this unknown factor that the builder knows nothing about standing in our way.  Hopefully the current plans are not going to cause destruction and we can move forward as planned.  If not, I guess we will deal with that when the times comes.

Timeline already looking like it has slipped from end of Feb to end of March…. It will be interesting to see the roller coaster that timeline takes over the next few months.

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