So it’s not quite the right date, but it is a date that I will always remember. November 6th was the day that we actually built something! No more drawing floor plans, no more negotiating contracts, no more dealing with the bank, no more demolition, no more tree removal, no more grading. We finally actually put something down on the property that was not there before. Throughout the first part of the week the team was grading the area of the foundation and digging for the foundation footings, with the plan being to make the concrete pour on Thursday, weather permitting. So of course Thursday was the only day in the past 2 weeks that was slated for rain. As the week went by the forecast got progressively better, but never good enough to make us have confidence that we would actually get the pour done. And our hope of progress were dashed when at 8am is started raining and didn’t look like it was going to let up anytime soon. As weather tends to do though, it turned pretty quickly, and by noon it was a gorgeous day. Assuming that the morning rain had wiped out any chance of working in the afternoon, I sent our project manager an email to confirm that nothing was going to happen, but low and behold we were a go!

They worked into the late afternoon and got all of the footings poured and the outer rim of the foundation complete. These guys work fast, which will hopefully be the case for all of the subs that Branden uses. About midway through the afternoon, I received an update of the progress:

So this is actually happening, and look how pretty the day turned out to be. Of course we have no patience when it comes to actual progress, and since this was the first time progress meant we were actually building, we had to go check it out that evening. As it turns out, concrete that is still drying is not very exciting, but for the first time ever we got to visualize our actual house without putting sticks and rocks down to mark the edges.  I’m not sure how well you can see it in this picture, but trust me, there is an outline of a house there. Yes, literally an outline. You can definitely see the fireplace, and I was standing right about at the front edge of the front porch.

And of course Radar got in on the fun. Note to all you dog owners out there, dogs do not understand the concept of “drying concrete”. Radar definitely stepped in it once, and tried to step in it a couple more times before we stopped him at the last second. Don’t worry, the time he did step in it, we were able to pick all of it out of his feet fur before it set, but his insistence on trying to cross it was a bit annoying 🙂

The next step that they have to do is actually build the foundation, which will consist of concrete blocks surrounding by bricks. The concrete will set fully set over the weekend, and the blocks were delivered to the lot on Friday, so we will hopefully get to work on that bright and early Monday. And yes, we have a picture of the blocks too because we just can’t stay away. Well, we actually were in Brookhaven last night to see Interstellar, so you can see me in one of my favorite blazers too 🙂 Hopefully by this time next week the blocks will all be in, and maybe even the bricks too.

Blazers and Blocks

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