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Celebration = Champagne

Big week around here… so big that I woke up before 5, and could not go back to bed (Charles had no such issue as he is still there as I type). At any rate… WE SOLD THE

Now, you might be confused and thinking “why did you do that? I didn’t even know it was listed. where are you going to live? to who?”  I will try and answer below.

  • Why did you do that?
    • We have gone over my intolerance for things like patience before… if you are new to me this might still shock you.  But I expect most of my nearest and dearest wont bat an eye.  The idea of paying 2 mortgages was not my favorite, and I like to have looming problems solved…even if solving them creates new (yet less troublesome) problems for me to solve.  Remember: Im a master planner… I got this 🙂
  • I didn’t even know it was listed.
    • Thats the best part – it wasn’t!  After we found the Tobey Rd. house via Zillow’s Make me Move feature, we were truly impressed with the idea of never listing the condo or working with an agent (sorry agents but 6% is a lot of money).  So we posted a make me move on 10/7 carefully setting the price tag at something that was both reasonable, but would cover our additional moving costs and rent if we had to vacate early.  I thought the pics turned out pretty well, but you can judge for yourself.
  • Where are you going to live?
    • Ah.  Good Question.  Well, my thought was that most loans take 45-60 days to close and that would be enough time for us to find some temporary housing.  However, our buyer(more on him in a minute) doesn’t suffer from my need to plan ahead and needs the condo by 12/15.  Yikes!  So we have found an apartment that we can move into and will be signing a lease after our duediligance.
  • To who?
    • The best part – the first person to come look at it made an offer!  He is a recent college graduate that is just as cute as can be.  When he came to look at the condo, he brought his girlfriend and mom along for approval.  I LOVE IT!!!  They came over on Wednesday and asked lots of good questions and hung around after and met some neighbors.  I guess they liked it 🙂

Now we have to go through the contracting, appraisals, etc.  Duedilliagance ends the day after Thanksgiving – so if everything works out then we will have one more thing to be thankful for!  If not, oh well. I wont have to move into an apartment and we can just wait for the next interested buyer.  Pretty good deal 🙂



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