This past week and the next two will see the fastest visible changes during the entire build. At the end of the next two weeks, our house will actually look like a house. But before that, we have to get all of the framing done. On Monday we had a gigantic pile of lumber dropped off, and it amazes me that it is possible to order the right about of lumber when you need that much. It takes Jes and I 30 minutes to figure out how much lumber we need to build a coffee table, and these guys are going to build an entire house.

Piles and piles of wood

More wood

Jes and Radar enjoying the amazing weather

That was Monday, and the weather could not have been more perfect. We laid on top of our pile of wood for probably 30 minutes just enjoying the day and the peace and quiet. On Tuesday the framers showed up and got to work. The first step is apparently to install the I-beams that will make up the flooring support system, and disperse the weight of the house across the foundation. It really is amazing how quickly these guys work, as this picture was taken mid afternoon on Tuesday:

Flooring system almost done

And since things are happening so fast, we decided to stop by again on Wednesday morning before heading up to Lawrenceville for Thanksgiving fun. They had almost completed the front and side porches, and we finally get a true idea of how tall our front porch will be:

Front porch - about six feet off the ground

Working on the side porch

We were so amazed at the efficiency of the framers, we took a quick video of. Every man has a singular job, and it works as an assembly line. One guy gets the wood from the pile, another guy measures, and hands it to the guy who cuts it, once the wood is cut another guy brings it to where it is going and lays it in place, and finally one guy nails it down. In all it takes about 30 seconds to put each piece of decking down, but don’t take my word for it:

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