I feel like a record that is stuck on repeat, but life has been hectic. I swear it is going to slow down at some point, but it feels like every single day is a whirlwind, just to be followed up by an even crazier day the next day. When we last left you we had a a fully built foundation, the start of a flooring system, and a giant pile of lumber. My house quickly things can change! In those short 2 weeks we have seen such a rapid amount of change it has been hard to document it all, but the end result is our house is totally framed (minus a few small items).

It's a house!

We definitely had a few things along the way that had to be fixed, which Jes will write a more in depth post about, but Branden and team were right there with as to make sure that everything was exactly the way we wanted it. As of today the house is almost completely framed and wrapped, the shingles are on the upper roof, and all of the plumbing rough-in work has been completed. Next up is the HVAC work, and then the electrical and low-voltage rough-in work. At some point in there we should be getting our siding installed as well. I know this is short, so here are a few more progress pics to keep you occupied. Until next time 🙂

1st floor going up

2nd floor and roof

Living Room and Upstairs Office

From the backyard

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