I went to the house yesterday to do a walk through with the builder, and while I was looking around, I no longer saw the problems that we would need to fix, or the battles we would need to have with the builder.  For the first time I was able to see our home!  Sure there were at least 15 men running around with paint cans, cabling, dry wall repair, cleaning supplies, etc but looking past the chaos was finally possible.  And the best part is that I LOVE IT!

All of the decisions that I was questioning along the way turned out to be just right.  All of the things I second guessed myself on turned out great.  All of the things the builder broke along the way – are fixed (mostly)

With all of that behind us, we plan to move in on Monday and are so excited we can’t even stand it.  We of course would have loved to move in this weekend, but they needed to finish the hardwoods last night, and will be sending the official cleaning crew in on Sunday.  I will take some photos after the cleaning crew is done.  The house will never be that clean or perfect again – and its a moment worth remembering.  

With that being said, and our CO in hand, on Monday we can start a new life in a home that was custom built with love, creation, and devotion to a long and happy life together!  I can not wait 🙂

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