So – things have been remarkably easy since we built the house.  No fights with builders, no pricing out 2000 sq feet of something, no inner turmoil over the best shade of white paint.  Just a bit of peace and quite…. of course now that I have taken full advantage of that, I am searching for my next project.   

The problem with a new project after you build a house, is that they all seem…. small.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking forward to building another one any time soon.  But its hard to find something that fits the bill.  So until I find that particular item, I will continue to tinker about the house.

I have been taking it “one room at a time” and coming up with the finishing touches for each.  I recently completed the screened in porch on the side of the house and thought I would share some pictures.  

Welcome to our destination for football, morning coffee, and movie date night!
One of my favorite things about the porch is both of our contributions to its creation. I sew the cushions covers for the sofa seat and backs and Charles made the actual cushions with an electric carving knife and some high density foam. I also made the pillow covers for 4 of the 6 pillows and realized that I will never again buy a pillow when they are so easy and cheap to make!
Charles made the table that goes under the TV in an afternoon based off of picture on a website we booth like.  I grabbed some paint and stain we had lying around and turned it from home depot lumber to something “homie”.
We also made the chalk board over the dining table on a whim out of scraps we had lying around from other projects.  Only thing we had to purchase was the chalk board paint and we were set.  Thanks to my youngest niece, we have plenty of sidewalk chalk for custom messages: Today – a salute to Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets for their kickoff against Duke at noon.
Radar loves laying on the top of the sofa and looking out at the street during morning coffee. Phoenix is almost always where her people are – at the time of this photo she was sitting next to my feet.
Speaking of Phoenix – she was willing to pose for a picture after all.
A belated Happy Birthday to our baby Radar – He turned 7 this week and reports he is very excited about what this year will bring him in the form of back yard squirrels, birds, and sunbeams 🙂

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