Winter came early in the Atlanta (and much of the Southeastern US) in 2017 and so we are enjoying a nice shut-in weekend. To be honest, we probably would have done the same thing even if it wasn’t 15 degrees outside, but this way we don’t have to feel guilty about it. Forecasts leading up to the weekend varied wildly from 3-4 inches of overnight snow on Friday, to thick sheets of ice, to nothing but cold, and we ended up with just a little bit of sleet that froze overnight. Saturday morning we woke up to what most experts would call a “dusting” that probably won’t thaw until sometime on Monday. 

So what do we do on weekends when we are deliberately taking it easy? As it turns out, a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. We made sure to be well stocked with firewood, so we’ve had a fire going fairly constantly. We watched a couple of movies on Saturday that we almost certainly wouldn’t have watched under normal circumstances. I’ve had some desires to play some board games as a more consistent activity, and the first one got delivered on Friday (perfect timing), so we played that a good deal yesterday. 

Today looks like more of the same, with a bit more structure thrown in. At some point today we will have to brave the elements and go for a 9-mile run to extend the training program for the Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge, and I am participating in the 2017 Reddit Photoclass and have a weekend assignment to complete. Other than that, the big news of the day will hopefully be the delivery on our Blue Apron box. We’ve tried multiple “meal prep” delivery services before with mixed results. Hello Fresh was a good price point, but all the meals were very bland. Garnish & Gather had much better food, but it was very expensive and we had to go pick it up. Blue Apron is supposed to be the best option out there, and it fits into our existing grocery budget, so we have high hopes that it will simplify and diversify meal planning every week. 

Tomorrow we get back to work obviously and there is a ton of stuff going on at Wandering WiFi that is keeping us both very busy. None of it is ready for public consumption though, so hopefully by the end of the week we will have some exciting news to report on that front.

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