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This webpage was created for our wedding in 2012, but soon after we found that we wanted to keep it going as a way of communicating family events. Not only to share what we are doing with our families, but to document our successes & challenges, trips, photographs, recipes, etc.



We love to stay busy! Passions include Photography & Photoshop, Golf, Running, Lifting, Cooking, Traveling, GT sports, anything outdoors on a nice day and our Pup’s to name a few. Charles is the household photographer, golfer and GT graduate.  Jes is the family chef, photo editor, and outdoor enthusiast.


We both love to travel, and are planning trips as often as work permits – about once a quarter, if not more.  In 2013 we will be visiting North GA Mountains, Cancun, Sonoma, Virginia Beach, & Ashville if all goes according to plan.  However, we are always looking for new opportunities and find that our plans change as often as posts on Pinterest!


Most of all, we are a couple that enjoy spending time together and we suck up as much of each other as we can.  Whether it is grocery shopping, weekly jog’s in the park, or sporting events, we find joy in being in each other’s company and feel blessed to have found one another in this crazy life.


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